Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update]

Nordic Oil has been supplying its customers with CBD extracts and care products since 2018. We put the manufacturer to the test so that you know exactly what their quality is like. Find the Nordic Oil CBD experiences and presentation of the products here.

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 2

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Nordic Oil CBD oils at a glance

Tested Nordic Oil CBD products

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 3
Nordic Oil CBD Cream – Thor *

nordic oil cbd oil 2000mg
Nordic Oil CBD Drops – 15% *

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 4
CBD oil 15% (curcumin & piperine) *

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 5
Nordic Oil CBD chewing gum *

Nordic Oil products put to the test

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 6

Hi, I’m Tim, the author of this product review and a passionate health coach. I have been working with natural remedies for many years and I am particularly impressed by the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant.

In order for you to receive first-hand information, I have ordered a whole range of Nordic Oil products to my home and have tested them extensively. Below you can find my honest Nordic Oil review.

These Nordic Oil products have been tested

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 3
Nordic Oil CBD Cream – Thor *

nordic oil cbd oil 2000mg
Nordic Oil CBD Drops – 15% *

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 4
CBD oil 15% (curcumin & piperine) *

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 5
Nordic Oil CBD chewing gum *

Shipping and packaging

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 10

Since I ordered between Christmas and New Year, it took a little longer to deliver. Nordic Oil was simply having company holidays.

However, it usually takes 1–3 working days.

When you open it, the first surprise – the package contained a high-quality metal thermos bottle in an elegant look – great! In addition, several key rings.

However, these were wrapped in foil, which is superfluous. Especially since otherwise no plastic film was used.

My conclusion: the package makes a very valuable impression when opened.

Nordic Oil CBD Oil 15%

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 11

Full extract from organic hemp and hemp seed oil – that is the list of ingredients for the oil. A high quality product with no unnecessary frills – very good. What immediately catches the eye is the beautiful, golden color. This is created through a filtration process that removes 100% of suspended matter.

However, according to Nordic Oil (and certificate of analysis) all important active ingredients are retained.

The filtration is also noticeable in the smell and taste. The oil smells pleasantly like hemp seed oil and has only a slight note of cannabis extract.

Tim’s note:

It has an exceptionally mild taste and does not cause any irritation in the throat from essential oils.

This makes it one of the most pleasant oils I have ever tried and it is particularly suitable for people who are sensitive to taste.

One drop provides 6mg of cannabidiol, which means that higher dosages are easily possible.

Taking one drop three times a day, I felt a pleasantly relaxing effect and was able to fall asleep very easily in the evening.

My conclusion: a simple and first-class product.

Nordic Oil CBD Drops 15% with curcumin and piperine

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 12

I was particularly interested in this product because it combines 4 substances that can be very beneficial to human health.

First of all, of course, we have the full cannabis extract.

What I particularly like is that here, too, no savings were made with active ingredients (this is often the case with other manufacturers with combination preparations). This preparation also contains 15% CBD.

Next up is curcumin , the main active ingredient in the super plant turmeric (turmeric).

This relative of ginger is a herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years. The roots are used in many places, especially in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) but also in Ayurveda. The main reason for this is the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Incidentally, there is also evidence of both from Western studies.

In third place is piperine , an active ingredient made from commercially available pepper.

The study situation for its health-promoting effect is relatively thin, but it is said to have metabolism-stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. More importantly, however, according to some studies , piperine increases curcumin’s bioavailability. This is probably the reason why Nordic Oil put it in the CBD drops.

Last but not least, we come to the carrier oil.

Nothing less than black seed oil was used here, which is considered a real miracle weapon in the fight against many diseases in naturopathic circles.

In terms of color, the Nordic Oil CBD oil with curcumin and piperine is a little darker and the smell is also more intense than the standard variant. In addition to black seed oil, the reason for this is also curcumin. The taste is better than I expected, but not exactly tasty. Black seed oil just takes a bit of getting used to.

Tim’s comment:

Due to the great combination of active ingredients, I would be so bolt to give everyone a clear recommendation that: p >

  • suffer from inflammation.
  • want to do something for their immune system.
  • want to support healing processes.
  • want to preventively promote their health. li>

My conclusion: Extraordinarily strong combination of active ingredients.

Liposomal Gel Thor from Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 13

I was particularly looking forward to this product. Since I like to do intense sport and currently also do hard physical work, I often suffer from sore muscles.

According to Nordic Oil , Thor is exactly the right thing here and after the first application I am immediately positively surprised.

From the smell you can tell that it contains cannabis terpenes, because the gel smells strongly of the essential oil of the hemp plant. Even if the smell has largely disappeared after about an hour, in my opinion it is not so suitable for use before work, etc.

The gel is absorbed quickly and without residue and transports the contained CBD deep into the skin. When using it, I really had the feeling that it had an analgesic effect.

It’s just a shame that I discovered the ingredient carbomer when I took a closer look at the list of ingredients. Although this is considered harmless for humans, it is not particularly nature-friendly.

My conclusion: Great product with a small drawback

Nordic Oil CBD chewing gum 5mg

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 14

CBD for chewing? No problem with the CBD Chewing Gum from Nordic Oil. I really like that the high-quality cannabis full extract was also used here. This is often not the case with other manufacturers.

In terms of taste, the CBD chewing gum does not differ from other mint chewing gum. Eucalyptus and mint are just too dominant for the cannabis flavor to pass through.

Tim’s note: The effect is exactly as you would expect from 5mg CBD and is, for example, good for stress, nervousness and sleep disorders.

My conclusion: practical product, perfect for on the go.

More Nordic Oil CBD products

Nordic Oil has a wide range of products. This starts with classic CBD oil and high-dose CBD pastes and leads to combination preparations with vitamins and medicinal creams.

Animal lovers take note – there is also a special offer for four-legged friends. One oil for dogs, one for cats and one for horses.

CBD oil / drops

Nordic Oil’s CBD oil is a full-spectrum extract from low-THC hemp, dissolved in hemp seed oil. This is available in various concentrations, from 5% to 20%.

The oil comes in a practical glass bottle with a pipette and can therefore be dosed easily and cleanly.

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 15

CBD oil 5% / 500mg *

  • 500mg CBD
  • 2mg / drop
  • 100% certified hemp
  • Full spectrum oil
Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 16

CBD oil 15% / 1500mg *

  • 1500mg CBD
  • 6mg / drop
  • 100% certified hemp
  • Full spectrum oil
nordic oil cbd oil 2000mg

CBD oil 20% / 2000mg *

  • 2000mg CBD
  • 8mg / drop
  • 100% certified hemp
  • Full spectrum oil

CBD capsules

There are capsules for everyone who wants to take their CBD extract tasteless. There is a standard variant and a combination preparation with black cumin oil.

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 17

CBD capsules
(384mg) *

  • 60 capsules with 384mg CBD
  • 6.4mg CBD per capsule (approx. 1 drop of 15% oil)
  • Full spectrum oil
  • Liposomal formula better absorption
  • Unflavoured
Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 18

CBD capsules (960mg) with black seed oil *

  • 60 capsules with 960mg CBD
  • 16 mg per capsule (approx. 3 drops of 15% oil)
  • Full spectrum oil enriched with black cumin
  • Liposomal formula for better absorption
  • Unflavoured

CBD pastes

For everyone who has to dose a little higher due to health problems, there are Nordic Oil CBD pastes.

Nordic Oil CBD Paste 30%

CBD paste 30% *

  • 1500mg CBD
  • Simple and precise dosing
  • Active ingredients dissolved in coconut oil and beeswax
  • Without colorings and preservatives
Nordic Oil CBD Paste 40%

CBD paste 40% *

  • 2000mg CBD
  • Simple and precise dosing
  • Active ingredients dissolved in coconut oil and beeswax
  • Without colorings and preservatives
Nordic Oil CBD Paste 2500mg

CBD paste 50% *

  • 2500mg CBD
  • Simple and precise dosing
  • Active ingredients dissolved in coconut oil and beeswax
  • Without colorings and preservatives

CBD liquids

CBD Liquids are vaporizable liquids with CBD content. Nordic Oil offers these in 8 different flavors.

From watermelon to peppermint.

Pure CBD crystals are used, so no full-spectrum extract .

Nordic Oil CBD experience

Various CBD Liquids *

  • different flavors
  • 1% to 5% CBD content
  • 0% THC
  • 100% nicotine free

CBD products for animals

CBD is also suitable for animals. There is Nordic Oil CBD oil for dogs, cats and horses. The dosage is precisely adapted to the respective animal.

Since animals sometimes struggle with the taste of full-spectrum oil, only a broad-spectrum extract is used here.

This contains fewer essential oils and therefore tastes much milder.

CBD creams

CBD has been shown to be anti-inflammatory. This makes it ideal as an active ingredient for skin care.

Nordic Oil takes advantage of this and offers 5 corresponding products, each with a different focus.

All Nordic Oil Creams have the Dermatest seal “very good” and are therefore particularly well tolerated.

Nordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 21

Various CBD creams & lip care *

  • Eir – cream against psoriasis
  • Freya – eczema ointment
  • Valkyrie – cream against acne
  • Thor – Liposomal gel for muscle pain
  • CBD lip balm

CBD vital substances

In the vital substances * category you will find a whole range of innovative products. The CBD Mani-Drops are suitable for everyone who has problems falling asleep in the evening. In addition to the calming active ingredient from cannabis, these also contain melatonin , an endogenous substance that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

The nasal spray with CBD helps you breathe deeply – completely without chemicals and the CBD vitamin preparations support a healthy lifestyle.

Nordic Oil CBD experiences

When researching the Internet, it quickly becomes clear that the majority of customers have very positive Nordic Oil experiences. On the independent review portal Trustpilot , for example, the company has an impressive score of 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 400 reviews.

Here are a few original Nordic Oil reviews from Trustpilot.

The product description was very detailed, ordering uncomplicated, delivery fast and comprehensive with further information, the product itself is well tolerated and convinced. Hope for lasting quality. – ”- Friederike Kaspers.

Already ordered several times

It helped me with my sleep disorders and pain … of course I have short phases of sleep disorders from time to time, but much shorter and not as severe anymore … my pain (back and pain after a hip operation) is also MUCH better become … As a rule, the drops (very well packaged) are there 3 days after the order date … I’m very satisfied ” – Mali Göge

Top human customer service

For now, I would just like to leave a customer service review here as I have not yet been able to use the oil correctly due to an illness that is still being treated.

I described this to customer service, whereupon I was shown great understanding and a lot of humanity.

I can recommend this company and its employees at any time. ” – Ingelore Krüger

Nordic Oil presentation

Nordic Oil * was founded in Denmark in 2018 and is now also represented in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. They only manufacture CBD products and are therefore highly specialized.

In 2019, the Nordic CBD oil was named Europe’s best CBD product by Strain Insider. In the same year they also founded the subsidiary Nordic Cosmetics , which focuses on cosmetic skin care products.

For cosmetic products from Nordic Oil, see our Nordic Cosmetics experience report .

Nordic Oil only uses certified hemp from Europe. By working with suppliers from different climatic zones, an optimal supply of raw materials is achieved.

The CBD extract is obtained through gentle CO2 extraction.

This creates a so-called full-spectrum extract , which, in addition to CBD, also contains other effective components from the cannabis plant.

This is certainly one of the main reasons why the Nordic Oil CBD customer experiences are so positive.

Because the current state of science shows that it is in particular the interaction of the many natural active ingredients of the cannabis plant that achieve the positive effect. In technical terminology, this is known as the entourage effect .

High-quality hemp seed oil is used as a carrier substance and thus the full potential of the hemp plant is exploited.

In addition to classic oil, Nordic Oil also offers a range of innovative CBD products such as capsules and nasal sprays.

There are also some combination products that skillfully combine CBD with other active ingredients. They are also particularly known for their medicinal creams.

Whether psoriasis, eczema or acne – there is a specific product for everything.

The company also scores with great customer service. You can reach them from Monday to Friday by phone or alternatively from Monday to Saturday via live chat. Emails will be answered within 24 hours.

CBD oil effects

Cannabidiol or CBD for short is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the hemp plant. In contrast to THC, it does not have any intoxicating effects, but has some effects that make it popular with many people. For example, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect has now been proven. Many users also report a pleasantly calming effect.

What many do not know is that the body produces cannabinoids itself and thus regulates the body’s own cannabinoid system. CBD is therefore a very natural and gentle method to combat ailments and serious illnesses.

What diseases does cannabis help with ?

sleep disorders
We regenerate during sleep and disturbed sleep behavior is a major factor in illness. With its calming effect, CBD helps you fall asleep and sleep through the night.

Pain relief
CBD oil can be used for headaches or under certain circumstances also for migraines and can provide relief. The effect on joint pain is also currently being investigated. However, users are already reporting a very positive effect.

Relief from stress and anxiety
In addition to its calming effect, cannabidiol also has an anxiolytic effect. It is therefore often used successfully for stress and anxiety.

Help against epilepsy
Studies have shown that CBD could help with epileptic seizures. The exact reason for this is still unclear.

Further areas of application
Cancer therapy
multiple sclerosis
Inflammatory diseases

Always speak to your doctor before taking CBD therapeutically. He can give you recommendations on whether it makes sense and, above all, whether it is safe.

Questions about CBD oils and capsules from the community

Attention: Our quantities indicate a range and are not a recommendation for action – please clarify the perfect quantity with your doctor or medical professional.

In addition, everyone is different. We always recommend starting small and increasing the dose if necessary. A diary can be very helpful in finding the optimal dosage.

How many mg of CBD per day?

If you have a slight headache, stress or nausea, you usually move between 10 and 30 mg per day (microdosing).

For pain, arthritis or menstrual pain, approx. 20-100 mg per day.

For cancer treatments or therapeutic treatments between 50 and 800mg per day.

Which CBD oil for sleep disorders?

A 5 percent CBD oil is usually sufficient for sleep disorders. Start with 3 times 1 drop and increase if necessary to 3 times 5 drops.

Editor’s tip: Try the CBD Mani-Drops from Nordic Oil *. These also contain melatonin, which helps to fall asleep and stay asleep. Attention – please only use immediately before going to bed.


CBD products from Nordic OilNordic Oil review & test [2021 Update] 22

An ancient remedy rediscovered

Cannabis is a remedy that is thousands of years old. The plant grows all over the world and has been used everywhere with great benefit. It was only discredited a few decades ago by government bans and is still considered by many today as an intoxicant.

The fact is, however, that millions of people worldwide achieve a significantly improved quality of life through the use of hemp as a medicine. Cannabis often helps where drugs do not help and with significantly fewer side effects.

It’s great that there are companies like Nordic Oil who are promoting the use of hemp-based preparations.

Stay healthy!

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