Grow Soil – how you choose the right one

We have already described the topic of grow soil on our page on the subject of irrigation , where we mentioned that it makes more sense for you as a beginner to rely on soil as a substrate instead of trying your luck with expensive hydroponic systems.

  • But how do you find the right grow soil for your project?
  • What do you have to consider?
  • We want to answer these and other questions for you on this page.

Our grow soil recommendation

Grow Soil - how you choose the right one 2

Earth set XS / S, L / XL or XXL – our RECOMMENDATION

We can recommend the grow-shop24 earthing sets. These complete sets are precisely tailored to the size of your grow tent and come with soil, growing spring pots and liquid fertilizer.


  • Biobizz Light Mix
  • Canna Terra Vega
  • Canna Terra Flores
  • Jiffy peat pots for growing


Grow Soil - how you choose the right one 3

Biobizz Light Mix (young plants & cuttings)

Ideal for germinating seeds and roots, contains very few nutrients.

Grow Soil - how you choose the right one 4

Biobizz All Mix (pre-fertilized)

Pre-fertilized soil mix – so you do not have to fertilize the first time. This means that your plants are well supplied with nutrients over a longer period of time.

The ideal fertilizer set

Grow Soil - how you choose the right one 5

Biobizz Starters Pack

100% organic fertilizer, contains all the essential fertilizers to support your plants from growing to harvest.

Grow tent soil: Different types

There are a variety of different types of soil and substrates. Spontaneously we think of topsoil, potting soil, substrates made of coconut shells, rock wool, expanded clay, seramis and perlite . The best grow tent soil, however, is by far the pre-fertilized grow box soil specially designed for growing hemp.

There are also people who mix their own grow tent soil from different components themselves. But why not just use soil from the garden or get a sack of cheap soil from the hardware store?

Well, there are several reasons. On the one hand, pests can be brought into the grow box and on the other hand, cheap soil from the hardware store is either of poor quality or the nutrient and soil values (pH / EC value) are not ideal . The result is a nutrient deficiency or burn.

Even though cannabis is often referred to as a weed, the quality and amount of the yield depends very much on the quality of the water and the soil. If you already buying a grow tent for several hundred euros, you should not begin to be stingy on the soil.

Grow soil: airy and fluffy or compact and dense?

Not all soil is created equal and other substrates are a science in themselves anyway. Very compact soil, e.g. in loamy soil, liquid holds longer so that it does not evaporate as quickly. This is useful if you set up your grow tent where a lot of water evaporates.

If, on the other hand, you have your tent in the basement, this can be counterproductive, as otherwise mold and rot have a better chance. There you will need rather airy soil so that the water can evaporate faster and better drainage is guaranteed.

Lime can help raise the pH if the soil is too acidic. With acidic soil you can logically lower it . With perlite you can make it airier and with more soil without perlite it becomes more compact .

Don’t drive yourself crazy, get your own experience

But why do you even want to do this to yourself as a beginner ? You can read 100 clever books and write 1000 forum posts. At the end of the day, you need to gain your own experience, because every type of cannabis has different needs.

This is exactly why we swear by Plagron’s pre-fertilized soil . These soils already have the ideal consistency, composition, properties and nutrients that you need for your grow and we have had the best experiences with them.

Plus, they’re not that expensive. 50L is available from 12-15 € and for a grow in a 100 × 100 cm box, in our experience, you need between 100 and 150 liters, depending on the pot size and number of plants used.

Which grow soil does Growbox Test recommend?

As a beginner you don’t want to go wrong, of course, and that’s why you get as much information as possible. But this can also quickly lead you astray because we have found that every grower has his own opinion on the ideal composition. It’s like the lawyers: two lawyers and three opinions.

At the beginning we read the matter for a long time and were really confused afterwards. Everyone had a different opinion and the many numbers and values didn’t necessarily help it get better. On the contrary!

In order not to overwhelm you as a beginner and to enable you to gain some experience yourself, we can recommend the following three products without reservation. We ourselves have had the best experience with them.

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