Fridge Grow – Product Presentation

What if the climate can be adapted to the plants and not the other way around?

Fridge Grow * does exactly that.

It is a closed system without air exchange with the outside world and therefore quiet, odor-tight and independent of the installation room. The CO2 content, humidity and irrigation are automatically regulated and controlled by Fridge Grow.

What is the difference between a FridgeGrow and a Grow tent

As in all topics, there are always different opinions and decision-making is very individual. Many experienced gardeners are very skeptical because it is a completely new approach, but at this point we can assure you that it works.

Grow box properties

FridgeGrow properties

  • Refrigerator necessary
  • High degree of automation (no temperature / humidity monitoring necessary)
  • Stealth (outside a refrigerator)
  • Ideal for beginners (no high effort, no high complexity)
  • Also ideal for gardeners who want to use the controller as a monitoring tool.

The most serious difference is definitely the ventilation.

A grow tent needs an ACF and fan to regularly exchange the air inside . However, this makes it very difficult to regulate the humidity, temperature or even the CO2.

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You are also dependent on the room and, in addition to noise, often also have a heat problem in summer. A high degree of automation inevitably leads to a high level of complexity and various devices are necessary for monitoring, irrigation, humidity, webcam and so on.

That is not the case with Fridge Grow.

Constant, freely adjustable conditions regardless of the place of installation and, above all, inconspicuous and quiet.

But when it comes to tents, you are largely free to choose the space, which also affects the variety of manufacturers and products. In addition, it is a system that has been tried and tested for years and there are many experts and information material.

Good to know

The system is recommended if you want little effort or if you want to experiment or learn.

The variety of climate programs is also interesting, because it can automatically do everything from seeds to drying via climate programs that can be mapped.

The system is also recommended for very cautious gardeners. A high level of data security without server or cloud, remote access and full control by means of counts allow many gardeners to sleep better.

Fridge Grow - Product Presentation 2

Complete Fridge Grow SET *

Everything for the conversion (except for the LED lamp)

  • 1x Fridge Grow Controller
  • 4x radio sockets, plug type F (Austria, Germany, …)
  • 1x switch cabinet heater
  • 1x CO2 set SodaStream
  • 1x EDNET USB 2.0 hub
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 3x fans
  • 1x drip tray
  • Sealant, fertilizer, tape, zip ties

Fridge Grow Presentation

Fridge Grow - Product Presentation 3

The young Austrian company (around the founders Alex and Markus) has been cultivating plants in closed systems for over 5 years. A way was sought that minimized the effort and the necessary knowledge in plant cultivation.

Even without a green thumb or on vacation, the plants should always be fine. The goal – their own independent “plug and play garden” for everyone.

It has always been important to us to reduce any complexity and, above all, to be able to experiment with the climate and plants. To be able to control the conditions at will in your own biosphere and in return to see the reaction of the plants by means of graphs has not been possible until now and opens up completely new ways to better understand, experiment and optimize plants.

Markus Riegler, Co-Founder Fridge Grow
Versatile controller
The controller can also be used perfectly for monitoring, remote maintenance, webcam monitoring and to control individual components in gardens without a refrigerator.


  • From blooming to drying, everything in one device
  • Quiet, odor-proof and inconspicuous
  • Data is available offline, NO server or cloud for the data
  • Fully automated and individually controllable
  • System with CO2 fertilization → faster growth and higher yield


  • DIY kit: you have to assemble the system yourself (no tools required)
  • A functioning refrigerator necessary (but can be purchased cheaply via eBay)

The advantages are primarily the ease of use, the unique process in the closed space, the wireless technology and the high degree of automation.

Predefined climate programs only have to be selected and the humidity, temperature, light, VDP and CO2 are automatically regulated. Of course, all values can also be set individually.

Full Control via app (also with TOR remote access) and webcam. The controller works in refrigerators of different sizes and all other components can also be selected individually (within a certain framework).

As it is aDIY kit, customers need to assemble the system by themselves and that is a disadvantage. Even if it is tool-free and very simple, some would probably prefer a cabinet that has already been converted in advance.

FridgeGrow recommendations

We haven’t tested the system in detail yet, but we were able to get a few opinions about FrideGrow from existing customers.

Test the FridgeGrow System
You want to test the FridgeGrow? Just contact us: [email protected]

“I’ve been a fan since I saw the system at a trade fair. For me, the greatest invention in the grow scene for a decade” – Franz H.

“I’ve been very skeptical as I’ve been using other systems for many years and saw Fridge Grow as a nice idea. Meanwhile I am very convinced and enjoy the advantages “- Alena F.

“I’ve been experimenting with different tools for years to get more out of my garden, but since I’ve been using Fridge Grow it’s a new level. The perfect tool to learn even more and discover new things. ”- Silvia S.

Frequently asked questions about the Fridge Grow System

Which Fridge is Best for Fridge Grow?

Every commercially available refrigerator is suitable, it just shouldn’t have a cooling compartment or its own “climate controls”. Beverage refrigerators are best.

Where does the fresh air come from with the Fridge Grow?

In short, there is no fresh air – it is a closed system. The plant gets the CO2 from an external source (e.g. Sodastream). The plants produce their own oxygen via photosynthesis.

Does the fridge still have to work for Fridge Grow?

Yes, you need a working refrigerator. It is used for temperature control and irrigation. Therefore, you don’t have to water very much or not at all.

Can I also use Fridge Grow for small / few plants?

Yes you can, but you should activate the “Sealing Mode” in the app.

Will Fridge Grow be further developed?

Yes, different components will be developed in the future. The roadmap includes floor sensors, PH / EC measurement including pump control or a dimmable lamp. The complete system will be further developed in the medium term.

What do I have to buy in addition to the Fridge Grow Controller?

If you buy the complete set, all you need is the refrigerator. If you already have an LED lamp, you can use it, but it shouldn’t be too powerful.

LED lamp for Fridge Grow – what should I watch out for?

A dimmable LED lamp should have a maximum output of 250 watts. A non-dimmable LED maximum 150 watts.

Can you also dry with Fridge Grow?

Yes, there is a separate program for drying, you can find it in the app.

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